Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missing server side dependencies

Reason: The root cause of this error is that the Features table in the content database has an entry with the given GUID, but the Objects table in the Config database does NOT have a corresponding object with that ID.

This gets caused by the following scenario:
A solution with a feature gets deployed and activated to a site. The solution gets retracted without first deactivating the feature at the site level.  So, the site has an orphaned entry.

Similar Problems can be caused if the Upgrade from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 has been done from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition.
If we look at the errors that we are getting [please refer the screenshots below] for the GUIDS /Features:

These guids are basically from the 12\TEMPLATE\Features-folder these features were actually Enterprise Edition features (like Excel Services). Present SharePoint 2010 “couldn't find" those features even if they were OOB features. There might have been a site collection that has been moved from one version to the other [Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition or an Upgrade from MOSS 2007 (with Enterprise Edition) to SharePoint 2010(Standard Edition). And we don’t have these features available (as we are using Standard Edition ) even if we have those activated in our site collection [in past].

Please have a look at the SharePoint version that is being used :

Resolution: We can resolve this by running the stsadm -o deactivatefeature -id [guid from log] -url [each site it was activated on] -force. 

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